The mailman


Anyone remember the discussion about the mailman awhile back? Well I got myself in trouble yesterday. He pulled up yesterday while i was on here. I was not decent :smirk: so i asked my hubby to grab the mail. I knew I had a package arriving. I got busted big time. I had a kolhs package, one from @GrammysReborns (thanks Teresa I received it) and two from BB. My huband was waiting for one also but his didn’t arrive. It was xmas for me opening up all these boxes. Then it got real quite and doll parts were all over and he looked at me shook his head and walked away. Poor guy. Oh well-he’ll get over it! I ordered heads and I got shyanne, anna awake and sleeping ashley. I felt like i struck gold. Not a bad haul. ps. only kidding about my hubby-love that guy to death, but what’s a couple of dolls compared to a Classic 67 chevy? :wink::blush:


Same thing, different category. lol


I try to warn him when I’m getting a new package. Last time I said this kit is no longer in production and I’m going to make twins - So I needed that baby, lol! It was from GrammysReborns too, lol!


She’s trouble @GrammysReborns!


Lol. My mailman noticed I’ve been getting a lot of packages from bb and asked if I had a new baby I panicked and just nodded. He then went on to ask how old and the name… The things I get myself into. :flushed::joy::joy::joy:


Well I hope he gets over it soon, don’t want you to feel bad as you paint your new babies. Haha


Someone has to be, I volunteer!,


I totally understand, I try to be home or beat my hubby home to get the packages first and store before he catches me. They don’t quite understand and I hate to hear, " I thought you said we didn’t have any money. " lol
By the way, fantastic haul !!! I am jealous of those wonderful heads,lol


Well, yeah. No money for SOME things. Kits are a necessity. lol


haha! love it!


Well…good thing I don’t have a husband to answer to.


I don’t have a husband. My mother on the other hand… I warn her every time, she used to complain, but now she just sighs and lets me be.
Think she figured that there’s no hope for me. :joy:
But I always tell her, there so much worse things I could do with my time or money.


My hubby had better not say a word to me this week! He was at a pastoral retreat Tue-Thur last week ordering golf cart parts in his down time. My debit card was declined on Wed and packages started coming in on Thurs. “Oh…” he says. “I meant to have you deposit that money from my sock drawer to cover what I ordered”. Ugh!!! I think I’m okay for a week. Hehe!