The Latest "Closeout" News at Bountiful Baby

Hi Everyone!

ALL of the following “closeout” items are significantly discounted right now:

  1. We have decided to close out some of our oval glass eyes (about 22% of our offerings).
  2. We are closing out 17 different Kemper wigs. This represents 33% of our wig offerings-- soon to be gone for good!
  3. There are still 13 different kits remaining that are being closed out. This includes Kinsey, Dakota, Taite, Tabatha, all of the Factory Prepainted “Blaze” and “Kimi” kits, and the primates Pearl and Cici. Some of these 13 kits are now in very short supply.
  4. We are closing out some of our needles, and some of our tools.
  5. We are closing out some of our glues.
  6. We are continuing to close out our Boutique items. We are now down to 169 item numbers left (out of an original 965 a few months ago). And the remaining ones are all priced way below cost.

With all of the above, there are 254 different closeout item numbers (items) right now-- as of Saturday 10/3/15. And they are ALL significantly discounted.

We also have 70 different items that we are overstocked on, and have also been marked down. They include bodies, a number of kits, glass eyes, eyelashes, tools, and more. With the closeout items, plus the overstock items, we currently have 324 different items on sale.

I plan to leave the closeout items on sale until they are gone. And they are selling, and dropping off the website, one by one.

With the overstock items, my plan is to leave them on sale until the computer says they are no longer “overstocked”. I don’t really know when that will be.

If you click the “Special Deals” link in our menu bar, you will see subcategories of “Closeouts” and “Overstocks” nicely separated.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Thank YOU Nevin!


Finally bought some of the Pookie shoes I have been eyeing for a long time… and a bunch of other stuff too.