The KEEPER & spit bubbles...Picture Heavy


Wow! She looks wonderful with her spit bubbles!!!


I’m glad you kept her. I think you would have regretted selling her. I love everything about her. I can’t wait to see her with hair!


so cute!! Great job on the spit bubbles too.


Great bubbles



i tried to get spit bubbles in the mouth of the baby that I made to look like my son (posted in this forum) I got one bubble…left the room…it had slid to the corner of the mouth and then disappeared! YOU DID GREAT! is your spit bubble technique a secret? LOL…

I’m LOVING your baby!!! adorable!!!


I dont blame you for keeping her!


When trying to create spit bubbles, if you dont like it, what is the best way to remove it?


How do you do the Bubbles


She is beautiful, Great job on the spit bubbles.

Hugs tina


Oh, she’s so cute! I would have kept her too…