The grey kits' vinyl is very prone to ripping!

I decided to put eyes in my Jewel…I heated the head, and tried to insert eyes from the front, as I normally do. One side was fine, the other side’s eye socket tore out and split from eye to mouth, This was a test head, so I know it’s ‘caveat emptor’, but wow, I have never ever seen something like this. I had heard of the corner of the eye splitting, but never the whole face! be very careful when you are inserting eyes in the new vinyl!!
Hugs, Barb

Whew good thing it was a test head. Couldn’t imagine if that happened to a good painted head!

I have used test heads many many times to make doills with no problems at all! I remember that someone else had a Jewel rip like this! I’m glad he only had a couple of layers of paint on him! If you all are gonna do Jewel, I would be very careful and insert eyes from the back!!