The Fear of Cutting Hair


I think we have all had this at one point and time or still do. We spend all that time rooting hair, many times even monorooting and then the time comes to cut hair and style it. I realize some of you do not cut, because you root with short hairs. This wont apply to you :slight_smile:

So I’ve completed 6 babies now. I have this fear every time rooting has finished. I always start with longer hair cutting so that if I mess up, I can redo. On Levi and my second Elodie I decided to try and overcome my fear. I cut it short… like less than an inch short. On levi I started with a 1 1/2" hair cut, but after I did elodies hair, I redid his cut and did it short like hers. What I found was that I liked it a lot!!! I think a lot of us leave babies hair longer for the fun of styling it, or for the fear of messing up after sinking our precious time in such an extensive and painful process of rooting it. When I finally took the plunge, all my fear is gone! I would not hesitate to do it again. And I have been won over by the short hair.

Here is Why:

  1. Real newborn hair is not LONG!! Its short…the longer hair I feel emphasizes the fact that its a doll. I know some babies do in fact have long hair at birth, but its not common. Not at all.
  2. That long hair adds to the tendency for mohair to get tangled and break off. Even if you dont even pick up your doll and its just sitting in a crib, that mohair gets all matted up. Then when you try to comb it out nice, it can break off. Its not falling out…its breaking off
  3. Easier to style? No. I digress. I think shorter hair is easier to style. It stays put easier, doesnt get tussled. This results in less products having to be put on it, thus extending the life of the mohair, and preserving the sanity of the doll owner who is OCD about nice neat hair.

Consider this…ever tried pulling a thread on your clothes that was long? What happens? It breaks easy no prob. What happens if you try to pull a very short thread on your clothes? Its a nightmare to break it!

I was in the long hair (longer than a 1 1/2) club until I just decided to experiment. I wanna go back in time and cut every babies hair I rooted short now. Don;t be afraid to cut short ladies :slight_smile: But there are probably some steps to having it be successful…rooting deeply enough? Rooting evenly enough? Rooting thickly enough? Rooting directionally and at a sufficient angle that it lays down?

Who else has felt this way? Are you afraid to cut? Or have you experience this? Here is a comparison on my past babies hair. Elodie in pink has the shorter hair…which do you think looks more real?
Here is noamis hair…

And this hair is cut short…the crown is 1 inch and everything else is shorter.


That hair looks beautiful. I also fear the cutting stage as one small mistake and you are in trouble. I have cut the hair quite short on my last two babies and you are right, it does look more natural.


I love the way you do hair :heart_eyes: Back when I rooted hair, I was nervous to cut it short because the shorter it was, the more it tended to stick up.


Thanks @Mommy2five. Do you think its the angle that made it stick up? I notice I find myself rooting at a 45 degree angle and then near the face, im doing like a 20 degree angle. I have tried rooting straight in at the crown to make it stick up cute lol. I love how @Jacky has her babies hair sticking up at the top of the crown.


Typical newborn hair :slight_smile:


My short hair stuck up more also.


@avyona I think the second photo is cuter, but both are fantastic!


Yep, the angle does make a big difference, as does the quality/texture of the hair. I can tell you put painstaking amounts of time into your rooting :+1:t2: .


My fear is not in the cutting itself, but rather with the angles. I don’t want it to look like blunt cuts and abrupt stops in hair. I know your suppose to cut it on a angle, but for me that means absolutely nothing lol. So now all my baby hair cutting is done with the razor comb, I comb it through the whole head at different angles and so far the end results have been really good.


This head was 120 hours :sob: So yeah…that is horrifying to cut short HAHA!!


Oh, I just hate the cutting! I’m really not good at rooting either, haha.
Shame I’m pretty bad at painting hair as well. :joy:


do you have a pic to share the results of the razor comb?


120!! :dizzy_face:


I used to be afraid to cut hair short but it looks so much more natural
I leave it a little longer on top


I love the pic of the short hair. They are both gorgeous though.


This little dudes hair was cut with the long end of the razor comb


so pretty with those curls!


Cutting hair TERRIFIES me! The one time I cut my doll’s hair short, it looked like I gave the poor thing a buzz cut! I recently watched Jackie Ortiz’s hair cutting and styling videos on YouTube and she made it look so easy, though. I can’t wait to try her technique out next time!


My grandson at birth had hair when pulled straight was half way down his back but he was exception. It was a couple inches all over with longer in back. All my kids tho had very little hair


I was like that as well when I was born! I had so much hair people thought it was a wig! Lol :slight_smile: I love newborns with a lot of hair but it’s not often that I see them.