The fantasy dream reborn


I am considering trying a kitten for my granddaughter. I am confused about how you do full body fur when the body is cloth. Anybody know?


I used faux fur fabric and just sewed it onto the body. Using the body to cut the faux fur fabric the correct shape.


So you have to match the faux fur to the mohair you use on the limbs and head?


Is it possible to root onto cloth?


Yes, if the cats abdomen matches then yes. I did one cat that was black and white so that was easy. The second cat was a portrait of my ginger coonie so was a little harder. I also researched for vein placement and skin tone ect as well.


I don’t know I didn’t try because I thought it would take to much mohair and only charged £220 so it barely covered the supply costs without having to buy lots of extra mohair.


This would be a gift for a child. I think I’ll check out the faux fur first (don’t try to say that fast) and then match it to mohair.


You could always do painted hair on the vinyl and just use a onesie over the body if it’s for a child I’m sure they would love it. My friend asked for a dummy as well so I sent the cats with honey bugs :blush:


That’s a good idea. But I really want to WOW this little girl. She loves cats so much. She’s my granddaughter and her mother is one of those who won’t have animals in the house. So she comes to my house to get her fill. LOL I have 4 cats and a dog.


I think black and white would be good. I’m concerned about finding white mohair.


I bought beautiful pure white mohair from Golden Fleece


The white mohair I got was undyed mohair.
Your house sounds like mine, I have 3 cats, a dog and a baby rabbit. The baby rabbit will get a girlfriend once he has been neutered. :blush:




Although I appreciate the talent that many have to create alternatives, I am not a fan. Especially when it’s a beautiful kit. I catch myself thinking-that poor kit…as if it has feelings.(I’m almost afraid to get on Irresistible’s home page.:japanese_ogre::alien:) :blush: I think they have their place however and being somewhat twisted twisted myself, I understand the fascination.Personally, I love facial expressions and expressive hands. I guess hyper-realistic would be the term. On the other side of the spectrum I was never a fan of cutesy perfect dolls either. Really never into dolls at all. What happened?:thinking:


Some years back there was a Dog kit produced by Doll Dreams. It was a Highland Terrier kit and I did win a blank kit at the time, but I ended up passing it on. Highland Terrier Kit Set By Reinhard Woelferthighlandterrierkit




He is beautiful, but you must LOVE rooting !


Im with you @catherineweebab I love the expressive babies…especially with open mouths. I wish I could have gotten Abbie but I started reborning after she was already sold out.


How adorable!! I love it.


I would love to see a really realistic, chubby toddler in a bigger size - like 2T-3T clothing. Most of the dolls in that size range are pretty dolly-looking to me, or just not at all chubby.


Oh, I second this! I’ve got Aloenka, but she’s so, so skinny!