The fantasy dream reborn


First I want to say that I lurk here a little too much. I use to be more active here but I am stretched a little thin these days. Gonna try and wade through as many posts as I can tonight.

I have a question for you awesome ladies (artists and collectors).

Visualize you have this awesome opportunity. You get to design the perfect fantasy reborn. Alternative or hyper realistic, toddler or preemie, differently-abled, asleep, awake, smiling, sitting, hybrid, animal…

No rules, no restrictions, no wrong way to do this.

What would your dream baby look like.

I am curious.

I have thought about a million times, most especially when I am painting a baby I don’t like much.

I am not a fan of animal reborns, scary clowns, or babies that look hurt. My heart can’t take it and I am allergic to furry things.

I am drawn to reborns that are differently abled (personal reasons) I just love that all babies are represented and seen as beautiful and that every child can find themselves in a doll.

So give it up, what is your idea of the best reborn ever?


I’ll sleep on it. Good question!


I am drawn to the Art of the doll. I do not like reborns to look perfect because I do not know any human that is but I guess that is part of the dream. I love flaws and mistakes, even tiny ones. I love to see how creative someone can get with a reborn weather super realistic or super alternative. I don’t mind scary because I see Art, not a hurt baby just vinyl. I don’t think I’ve ever had an Uncanny Valley in my mind.


I think mine would be a serene, happy looking elf toddler with a dark skin tone and black curly hair. White, blonde elves are too standard. :sweat_smile:


@Gabriell Not reborn related :yum:. Just wanted to tell you how I always mesmerized by your writings. Some people can write well, some people cannot write well, and all of you know that English is not my first language, so thank you for ‘dealing’ with me. But Gina, when you write something I can read it as a book and I bet I would listen to you forever!


Perhaps a newborn with half an arm missing. So many babies are born with things like that or a child sized one. So many babies and children loose limbs due to meningitis and being able to get a doll that looked like them would be so great for them.


Mine would be replicas of my daughter’s when they were babies. So often I think of them when they were little and miss their chubby little cheeks, curly hair and little mouse ears when they were younger. :heart:


I would want them to look just like my 3 girls when they were babies. I would not mind a couple that looked like my grand kids too.


I love scary alternative babies . Zombies, vampires, monsters…but they must be “realistic” looking and have open eyes.
I also love animals hybrid reborns. My favorite are cats. I saw one adorable calico cat on, if only I had the money…


I love it, the artists hand…



was it the orange and black one dressed like a little man? She does amazing work.


You are so kind. I have issues with grammar and I am all train of thought, learned to read when I was too little to understand what I was learning, just desperate to do it. I think that is why I make picture books.

I appreciate your sweet words.

It also takes a lot of bravery to not only learn and know a second language but to live in it. I wish, wish, wish I was fluent in another language.


Love very expressive faces, but not the ones that are crying. Saskia’s face is probably my favorite and I love Grayson’s toes. Newborns make so many little funny faces. Fun topic!


I love, love, love smiling babies, I also love expressive babies like the Abbie kit by AK Kitagawa. She was a first of her kind that I can recall. (I love all of her kits, she is an out of the box sculptor) I also love inquisitive faces along with serene and peaceful.
Crying faces are individualized along with alternatives. An alternative to me needs to be realistically painted, classy painted, not bloody or gory. Expressive hands and feet are wonderful too.


Yes it is ! I love him so much !


I have no idea. Lol
But I love the snail Sarah Mellman is making and that it doesn’t need a cloth body. Some of the animal kits look odd on the bodies.

I love the idea of differently abled babies. And the thought of the face of the person who could finally have a doll like them :heart:


I would love a very realistic smaller breed dog sculpts, Westie, Yorkie, etc. something along the B.B. piglet size and price point. Not only on a personal level but I feel there could certainly be a market out there for that for breed lovers. I made my mom a piglet only because I couldn’t get her a pup.


Sounds like animals are a hit with people. I don’t like them but it’s a personal thing, I do admire the artists who can make them!

Thank you so much everyone, I love these responses.


I didn’t like the animals at first but my granddaughters are young and so I think it would be nice for them :slight_smile: I was going to make them a cute little reborns, but I don’t think it’s a good option for now.
Personally i hate alternative dolls…scary, hurt,zombies even fairies. When I got into this I wanted to make sweet little dolls that make you feel good and are cuddly. I don’t think the alternatives do that. Can’t stand to look at them. Just My Opinion. :hugs::blush:


Funny how some people go nuts for alternatives, while others really dislike them.