The fairies?

Are the fairies discontinued??? I must have missed something here - I don’t see them anymore.


Looks like they might have been discontinued - I don’t see anything in re-stocking information & no photos, or anything shows up with the search for fairies other than the wings & tutus…maybe they are gone

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm - just when I was starting to have fun with this one - Skeeter!

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Ooooooooooooh!!! That is sad. I was hoping they will make a new batch in really nice pale and soft vinyl. Not that I need any more. I have 5 nearly done and another 3 WIP somewhere in a box.

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I love your fairies!

I believe when they put them in the bundle with Santa and Mrs Clause, they said they were being discontinued. I am working on Skeeter right now (my first) and would love to do more fairies. I really wanted to do Cricket. I agree a paler vinyl would be good. Do any other companies make fairies like the BB ones?

Edit: just found them here Is this company a part of Bountiful Baby?

I know that they sell BB kits but I think they are an independent store. I just wish BB made a baby fairy like the Clymer fairies. I wasn’t fond of the BB fairies except for the one made like an woodland elf.

I saw that, too. hmmmmmmmm - might have to watch for that one. Now that they have discontinued I’m getting interested in them. That’s me - - - A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT!

Cricket is the one I wanted! Hopefully it isn’t too late! Wonder if they took the photos down because of correcting the vinyl color.

i liked the fairies ok , heres one i did i did another one as a movie creature but i still in the process of dressing her…

I recently made a fairy from the Blaze kit and used apoxie clay for the ears. She turned out rather well!