That moment

I got brave and I went over my Lavender kit I darkened the creases added more blushing and just overall warmed the skin tone up. (pictures will be posted tomorrow) I kept going back and asking my family does it look ok to you? too pale? Are you sure?! So I said to myself …you know let me just try this I can always strip. Let me tell you all of the extra details make the world of a difference. I am actually enjoying this hobby as I should be! haha. I actually had to stop myself from getting too paint friendly I was just sitting there like well let me try this and let me try that. I am anxiously waiting for Darren awake to be released to get my hands on his kit!


That’s good! Trying new things works great sometimes. Other times, not so much. But that’s all part of the process and it’s how you can find your own unique painting style!


Can’t wait to see!

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I am excited to see her too. I am excited for you! My goal is to implement at least one new technique or dramatically improve upon one I currently use with every baby! Then I got lazy with a couple of sculpts and I found they were just not as enjoyable as when I am really working on my art form!
Have fun and share when you can😁


Here we go! :slightly_smiling_face:


I see exactly the ultra realistic look you are going for, great job and that is bold, brave painting to accomplish that! You are doing great!

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Thank you!!! I am so glad I did. He went from this plain boring barely any detail to something I am truly satisfied with. I was afraid of going overboard beforehand but once I picked that brush back up and started seeing the potential I was all for it.


I never have a plan, I just paint and paint, and play until I feel done, I like a lot of color and to experiment. I think people get too hung up on doing things in order, having certain layers in certain colors, getting it perfect, trying to make it look like someone else work.

I like the way you are doing you thing!

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