That moment!

Hi all!

I am still new to reborning. My first baby was terrible - a couple of melting/burning incidents, cheap rubbish mohair etc. but my 4 year old son has adopted him and loves him to pieces. My second baby was slightly better with fewer issues. My third baby has sadly been demoted to the reject bin due to a split in the vinyl. I have just started my fourth and I have just had a moment where I gave a little squeal of excitement! She is starting to look just how I was picturing her to look! Does anyone else ever have that moment of excitement when it all starts to come together?

Laura xxx

Every time but some take longer than others to get there!

After my first few mishaps I was beginning to wonder if reborning was really for me but after feeling that excitement I’ve realised it’s worth the little hiccups along the way! xxx

every time I am happy with my baby

I have either the moment of excitement when it starts to look real or the moment when I realize that once again I can look forward to spending quality time with my bottle of W/N stripper! I try not to count how many times I’ve stripped dolls in favor of celebrating the finished ones, even the ones I finished that I knew weren’t perfect! It is all a learning experience and I might be getting better!???!