Thank you Tonya, pictures added 7-2-2012

I got home this morning just before noon and I had a package in my special spot. My round Robin had arrived while I was at work. Thank you Tonya for all the wonderful things. Ladies I will post pictures as soon as photobucket decides to cooperate. But I loved it all. I received 3 4th of July onsies. A pair of red shorts to match. A red hair bow and a bib, red white and blue ribbons and a teddy bear and 3 candles which smells so great. They were 1 red 1 white and 1 blue. I think I got everything listed.
I am so sorry it took so long to post pics.

bib hair bow and teddy bear

2 of the awesome onsies for 4 th of July.

Onsie and shorts

red, white and blue candles and ribbons

Debora I am glad you liked it!!

Looks like the candles had an eventful trip??? Love the stuff… I am going to have to do a swap someday…

What a nice package. Your babies will be ready to celebrate.

Wonderful stuff. I sat the candles back out in the heat of the sun on my grill the candles melted right back to where they should be. Oh my gosh they smell so great. But I did not want to wait that long to take pics and for some reason photo bucket was mad at me I guess. They would not load.

Glad they melted right back into place. I love scented candles.

Me too Pia.

Photobucket is a very moody site!! Locks my computers up half the time. But love your photos especially the darker 4th of July shirt. Now dress a baby up sometime and take more photos! I’d like to see some of the other babies you folks have.

LOL Jessie I will but dang if I am wondering how long those would take. i am thinking I will do a photo shoot just for 4th of July outfits.