Thank you to my ss. opened prsent 1 of 25 today!

for those who don’t know…my ss is exceptional in spoiling me and instead of giving me one big christmas gift for December, she sent me a huge box of 25 wrapped and #'d gifts to open one each day by the cooresponding #. I opened a insulated winter theme sippy cup today that my boys just absolutely love… so they may steal it from me Thanks so much, will post tomorrow what my gift is.

second gift was a mikayla 14-15 wig in a soft brown. Thanks so much secret sis

my third gift was a small christmas stocking hat and my gift today was a manicure set for myself Thanks so much SS!

This is so much fun, I love it!!

Ladies I have lost my card to my camera so that is why no pics, but I hope to get another one tomorrow. Today I got to open up some christmas hard candies and some of my favorite pieces was in it…you know the kind that taste like cloves…yum yum yum… I cant reember when I have had so much fun at Christmas Tahnks again SS…I LOVE YOU!!!

What a wonderful ss present.

got a new camera card! Here are more pics of my presents this week from my SS!

My ella is sprorting the santa stocking cap and tristan is modeling the head bands, hard candies, and nail enamel, and nail decals and emery board. This box is still full of wrapped presents!! I am telling you…my SS really knows how to spoil her friends!!

That is really neat Zina, that she did this for you. I think it is really special she has something for you to open each day, like an advent calendar!!