Thank you! My Exchange baby came yesterday!

Thank you Heavely Bliss Nursery! She is so darling! I will have to post pics soon, my camera is on the fritz and being difficult! ALl the extras are great too! Now I have to pick a name…hmm. Name picking seems to be the hang up around here lately (we are due in March with a boy and still trying to figure his name too!)

once my camera is functional again, I will post pics! And I should be shipping the baby to my partner tomorrow or Monday!

So glad you are pleased with her and she arrived safely. I was worried she was orphaned Congrats on your real baby…now I know why you wanted a girl

Nope, def. not orphaned! And actually, I just like girl reborns in general. We didn’t know what we were having when I signed up for the swap lol. THanks again!

Here are a few snapshots and the chicken I enclosed, I put rafia and a tag on it saying “eat more turkey” to keep it in the theme Hope you don’t mind me sharing pics. I have been dying to show Shyann off.

Oh she is darling…isn’t it hard to keep them secret when you’re just dying to show them off? Glad she arrived safely & will look forward to seeing more of her…cute outfit too!


Oh my goodness so cute. I love the onsie!! Can’t wait to see some more pics

love her!!!

the whole chicken thing is adorable:)

Congratulations! She is adorable. That onesie is so cute! Can’t wait to see more pix.

She is sooo cute.

     Hugs Tina