Test head jackpot!


I loved working on Spencer he even looks cute bald I might need to make another and there are not many I say that about.


He is precious! You did a great job on him. Bald babies are my favorite.




:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:-that’s adorable but with a whole knotted body would be super adorbs!!


Thanks ! that is what I was saying instead of just knitting the hat and booties you could do a body as well however I say you could its more work than I want to do :smile:


:joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:understand that !!


I asked you what color you wanted when I made my blue one… @marrabo do you happen to have a pattern for the booties?


Sorry I don’t as I recall I just did the usual booties and used the crochet pop corn stitch I believe they went together pretty fast .


That’s fine, I’ll see if I can figure it out. :wink:


you might try googling pop corn stitch booties ?


It seems like every idea I come up with somebody has done it and put it on line :smile:


I know right lol. I will see if I can find anything, if not I’ll just wing it.


That’s like when I wondered if you could make a cake in the crock pot googled it somebody had been there done that :smile:


I have a question. When you order test heads, they could also send you only heads of the normal reborns, doesn’t mean they will send you real born heads too, right?

And test heads are 3rd quality, is it true?


You never know what they will send you. I didn’t get a single realborn in my open eye batch. I didn’t get a single regular head in my sleeping head batch. They are 3rd quality. But mainly these were just greasy dirty. One has a tiny dot on the head. One has a tiny scrape on the eye. And one has a tiny bubble on the ear. The rest are perfect after washing.


Thank you!

That doesn’t sound bad at all! I often noticed when they had test heads available , but I didn’t know what to expect. Next time I will definitely order!


This was the first time I was able to catch them in stock. They seem to post them during the night. By morning they are gone. I had been diligently watching the “heads only” section for a replacement fat baby Joe head. (I burned mine.) anyway, one morning I looked and the head section had Priscilla and Rosebud. So I checked the test section and sure enough they had some. I put 5 sleeping heads in my cart hoping to up my odds of getting a Joseph head. It turned out everyone got Joseph heads but me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But it worked out. Darren and Lavender are precious. And I was able to trade one Darren head for a Joe head. :wink:


Just know they are sold as 3rd quality and you may get something that will not be perfect or good enough for use other than for test parts so it is a luck of the draw thing .


Or you might get Tiny heads like Clair, who you could have spent $6 more and got the whole kit. It’s all luck. They sell them so cheap to be used as test parts and nothing more. If you’re able to use them for more, that’s great, but don’t buy them expecting that. :wink:


Isn’t this the cutest outfit, wish I could knit like this!