Test head jackpot!


Me too. All the hats in all different sizes. :heart_eyes:


Do you still make these? I would love to buy some!


Sure does lol. Her mom wanted a hedgehog hat, these are the same baby. She wanted me to make that headband to match her stuffed animals headband. Look at that pacifier holder!


I love everything about all of this! :heart_eyes:


I will look tomorrow and see if I have any made already. I had to close my Etsy shop in January and have an armoire full of product. I want to discount everything and start selling it off. I will let you ladies have first choice of course. I will look too if I have any of the materials left as well while I am at it


Me too! I’m sitting here staring at all of it, trying to decide what to comment on. But ever single detail of the whole package is my favorite…whichever detail I’m looking at at any given second :heart:


I made my Granddaughter and her doll matching clothes too


That sounds wonderful. I cannot wait to see it all!


Oh my goodness aren’t they every adorable I :heart_eyes:!


You can take the stuffing out of a Teddy Bear and make a hat and costume with it, just sew down the neck area on head and body from where you take stuffing out. I have been meaning to try it but haven’t yet.


Now I wont be able to get to sleep tonight. I have a million ideas running through my mind! :laughing:


@Reefbubbles please tag me when you post your items, for real, they are beautiful thanks!


@Phassell awesome idea -he will be the perfect head for that -on the infant outfit you could just round off the hand and close them and add felt to make paw pads - probably will be able to find lots of infant costumes with Halloween coming -now I will have to be on lookout for test heads :confused: - @Reefbubbles tag me too please when you post -those are adorable !!


@Katinafleming a bear might be an option for your head that messed up in over - would gluing the body around the face cover his oven boo-boo ?


It would have been a perfect for that…had I not ended up cutting open his eyes to try to make an Awake version. He’s truly a test head now. :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got this last year I think it was around $3.00 marked down after Halloween


That’s precious! :heart_eyes:


Spencer makes a cute one to add ears to could just go ahead and make body to go with hat while making it -


That is so cute.


I love this one! @hyelah1990 make me this! :wink: