Test head jackpot!


I’m already trading one with Phassel for one of her Joseph heads. The others I already have plans for. :wink:


Oh OK. Thanks for letting me know.


I got 3 3-month Joseph’s and would LOVE to trade one for one of your Darren’s!


Wow! That’s a lot of Joe heads. :flushed:
I’m already trading with Phassel though. I hope you can find a use for all those heads. Watch the parts sections. They have his legs for about $10. They had his arms last week for about $10. You could build a whole Joseph kit for less than $25 if you’re patient enough to wait for arms to be stocked.


Thanks! I’ll keep a look out in the parts section. I’ve also been meaning to try my hand at cuddle babies and he may be perfect for it!


He would be a giant cuddle baby. But wow would he be cuddly! It would be like a giant teddy bear. I wonder if @RoseannsBoutique has the desire to make a giant Joe cuddle body. She’s the best. :wink:


They have joes legs in seconds right now


@Bec1273, @Katinafleming… I was thinking the same thing… :thinking: :bear:


Oh I might have just had an awesome idea of something to do with him! Maybe turn him into an actual teddy bear. Sort of like Anne Geddes dolls. I might just have to try it! :smile:


Something like this

whatcha think?


That would be sooo cute!!! :heart_eyes:


I am putting on my thinking cap right now and trying to figure it all out!


Just buy this costume, make some paw gloves. Stuff it with polyfil and add the head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How cute! :heart_eyes:


That would be so easy and cute. I have an extra Emmy head. I may have to make it into a teddy bear. I don’t know any other use for it.


I am thinking it will be precious!


We could start a new trend…stuffed animals with human baby faces. There are so many different animal costumes out there, the options would be endless.


I made these faux fur hats for photographers. Your idea of Anne Geddes reminded me of them.


How cute! That baby with a binky looks like Joseph. :heart_eyes:


Oh I need some of those hats!