Tessa says hi, and how do I look?lips a little darker,



She looks very sweet. From the angle of the pics her lips look like they have no color. Do you have any pics of her facing frontwards?


yea I will go get some more pics, But I do think her lips are a little pale, I might have to darken them up a little, thanks for the help,


She’s a cutie. I’m looking forward to seeing her lips a little darker if that’s what you’re going to do. She’ll be adorable either way


I LOVE her But then again I love all your babies they are all so gorgeous.


Aww she is so beautiful, Love her cute little dress too.

    Hugs tina


cutie-pa tootie


here lip look good to me , and so does the rest of her. she cute


thank you for the nice compliments, It seems like a have a little trouble getting my babies lips dark enough, I’m gonna have to work on that,lol,


I think her lips looks so much better. It is amazing how the little things make such a big difference.
She looks great.