I read the other day that you only need to bake at 250. Is this right? I am wondering because I have been having a heck of a time with disappearing paint on very pale vinyl. It just seems to bake OFF. I thought maybe a lower temp would not bake it away, what do you think? I have baked this baby a million times with a million layers of paint and she pretty much looks like she did when I started her except for the mottling. YIKES !!! Need advice please.

There are many tutorials that say 250 degrees. Try it and use a water moistened q-tip and see if the paint is set? Paint a bit on the flange so that if it isn’t set for you, you haven’t messed anything up. My NuWave sets at 250 and I think convection heat requires a lower temperature.

Thank You Pia, I’m going to give that a try cause I can’t seem to get this baby colored! She just keeps sucking up the paint.