Tell me about these eyebrows


I have just painted them on. I have not baked them. Tell me if they are positioned alright. This is very difficult for me being still a novice since December. I used two different colors and did more feathering than lines. His hair not on yet of course and I still have lots of mouthwork yet. I can remove them easy and redo them as I am practicing and really trying to get them right. When I am satisfied, I may go over the top of them with strokes of thickening medium for texture.


It is hard to tell with the face so close up. From what I can see they are a tiny bit too low. I can’t see any feathering. It is just too blurry.

Take another pic and I will check back to give you my opinion. They look even just a tich too low.


hard to tell from the picture. it is really blurry


I looked at the other pic that you posted asking where to put them. With him crying I would still put them a hair above the brow bone. Lets see put the bottom of the line touching the bone. I know that doesn’t make sense but I hope it does a bit. Not alot just a tiny bit. Gosh I wish you were next door so I could come over and show ya!!


I am still learning to use that camera and it seems like when the flash works, it it too bright. I can remove these eyebrows if they are not right. At least it is giving me practice. I think this kit is for advanced reborners which I am not. I guess I am one of those funky eyebrow delusional old lady reborners!


Woo hoo!! They look great. That is exactly what I meant. You go girl. I am doing the happy dance for you.


Thanks, I will have to redo them because I got disgusted and wiped them off to start over again. At least I can redo and copy what I did because I remember.


They look fantastic! Great job.


Should I use matte finish over them?


They eyebrows look amazing they are perfect!


Wonderful eyebrows!!!


Great texturing, too!


They look great Desma.
How did you do the texture? I am new to all this. Been having a nightmare trying to do eyebrows today.
Can’t seem to get the paint the right consistancy. How do you do yours?

Sorry Desma, I see you did answer me about doing eyebrows the other day. So you mix a little of the color with thick medium and then paint on? I can’t seem to get the lines thin enough.


Sharron do you use a brush that only has a few hairs?


— Begin quote from “robincarrol”

Woo hoo!! They look great. That is exactly what I meant. You go girl. I am doing the happy dance for you.

— End quote

Yep the positioning is great… i will join in on that happy dance–and raise you a back flip!!!


Did you really wipe them off and if so, have you redone them again yet? Wasn’t sure if the second photo was the ones you kept or if you had wiped them off too. I hope you didn’t because they were great!