Teeny Tiny Baby Emma

Still some things left to do on her. She is a custom order


Oh, she’s sweet! I like how you did her mouth. Pretty skin tone, too.

thank you I am not crazy about her mouth lol so I am glad that you like it lol

Where did you get her clothing and diaper?

www.small-beginnings.com has teeny, tiny diapers for real babies 1.5 lbs and up. The size 21C-up to 2.5 lbs fit the 10" babies perfectly. You get 30 in a package for $12.99 + shipping. babyprem.com has itty bitty clothes for 1.5 lb and up. They’re real baby clothes and not ridiculously expensive. Etsy has some cute clothes for 10" dolls, also.


She is absolutely precious!!!

That is the cutest Emma I have seen yet! I hated how mine came out! Yours is so soft and sweet❤️

DollsbySandie sells the diapers. Clothing was made by Janie Lenox.

Thank you all so very much. Now to root her hair and wait for her body and clothing to arrive from Janie. Wont be until the 2nd or 3rd week in November though.

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Dolls By Sandie is a better option if you only want 1 or 2. I love the itty bitty babies so I bought the whole pack.

She’s so sweet