Techniques just figured out!


You can post the links, but not videos themselves. Can’t wait to see yours. I am eager to learn as I also just started in January!


Congratulations! I have greatly enjoyed learning the process and learned from free tutorials. I hope anything I learn can help others!


I think I’m following you in IG. I will keep an eye out for the videos!
I need all the help I can get on hair and brows! Lol.


Thank you :blush:
My husband told me that now would be a good time to make another considering the last season is coming out. Ive wanted to make a baby Jon Snow as well. I have some dark curly hair on the way so I may do that :wink:


@Lil April, You would not believe what I though while reading your reply. I though your husband referring to the real baby for you to make as you might be close to the season of ‘production’. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LMAO…oh no, Im definitely not in season…Im way way out of season :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Would love to see your Jon Snow.


Oh my gosh!! That’s a fantastic idea! I was browsing the realborn kits and thought Quinn and Aria had similar noses. I am currently painting Reese and thought he looked like baby Harry Potter!


Oh, he does look like baby HP.
Im using Joseph awake for my next HP for my niece because he reminds me of the Harry drawing on the books. I have been wanting Quinn so maybe I will use him but I haven’t decided yet. I have the hair coming so I need to pick a kit soon…a kit for Kit LOL sorry, I can’t avoid puns :wink:

I think I want an open eye kit so maybe Dominic?


For once I won’t comment on a kit or baby, I just want to comment on the real John Snow… :heart_eyes:


I just took a pregnancy test this morning and I’m going to be 60 this year. lol. Just haven’t been feeling well. You Never know. :heart_eyes:


Im 51 and Ive had my tubes tied and my uterus burnt out (heavy bleeding) so the likelihood of my getting pregnant is pretty low :wink:


I haven’t had a period in many yrs. Was on Tamoxifen and it shut me down. But God works in His ways. lol


Wouldn’t that change things up…just a bit…Keep us updated


It’s negative.


I guess at our age it a good news :wink:


Well I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not lol


Sorry. I know I was never able to have children. Now at 47 I feel a stronger urge than ever to have a baby and I feel like I would be a better mom now than when I was younger. Life is a funny many slendored thing.


I think most of us learn so much in our lives and have much more wisdom that yes I feel we would be better moms just not as energetic. I’m sorry. Maybe you still will! :slight_smile:


Definitely not the energy for sure :joy:. No sadly that ship sailed with surgery 5 years ago. I adore my friends children. Especially my best friend. I derive so much joy from them :heart:️:heart_eyes: