Techniques just figured out!


I don’t know if any of this is new to anyone but I came across an easy technique for milk spots! I tested it on a practice limb and it worked. I poked holes in it with a toothpick, painted straight flesh 08, then wiped clean! I personally love the milk spots so I think I will do this on my next doll!

I also made a different kind of sponge for doing washes. I have separate mottling sponges with bigger holes and always used a flat sponge with the edges torn off for washes. Picking beyond the usual mottling and doing smaller holes gave me a great result! It’s very subtle and if you leave a texture it looks really cool!


I never knew when I was supppsed to use a sponge with holes, or when not to, so I put small holes in my wash sponges too. I also like the results.


I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. It makes it less even and more natural looking. Got a lot to learn!


Same here! Lol


I always see artists using a seam ripper for the milk dots. It never occurred to me to actually poke indentions in the vinyl and then apply the paint .:open_mouth: It looks like that is what you did. I’m gonna try on my next doll.


I thought of it because of some of the pin pricks in the vinyl on the toes. I didn’t notice them til they filled with red paint! You can softly sandpaper any holes in the kit before painting. Use fine sandpaper though.


I also tried a tack for varying sizes and it makes smaller ones.


I always use a rooting needle dipped in. Flesh 08 for milk spots! Every time I try a toothpick it makes them too big. Your technique looks like it works great!


I will have to find other pointy things to stab into the foot! Dipping sounds like it would be better so you wouldn’t get too much paint on it.


I like it! Thanks- I’ll give it a whirl!


I also use a rooting needle dipped in Flesh 08 + thick medium for some texture


I think the technique looks good far away but up close you will see holes?


@Asiancupcakes Thank you so much for sharing this! I definitely will try your method with wash sponges.
May I ask what do you use for creases color(s). They look so good!


Yes you can see the indentations but I feel like they look like pores. Plus I’m going to test how they look with matte finish over them before using it on a baby.


I use a country rose color and a color I call between because it’s between rose and blood red. I’ll include a pic but you can find the recipe from nlovewithreborns2011 on YouTube for rose. I also use Tuscan red, black cherry, and some dark purple prismacolor pencils. Dark purple kinda turns bright pinkish after baked but I use it under the other colors.


How clever!
Love the idea for the mottling sponges too!


NOPE, I would not poke holes in the vinyl nor would I want to buy a kit that had holes poked in it like that.


Aren’t milia usually 3D rather than holes?


Holes are permanent. If you don’t like the spots they will still be there even if you get rid of the paint.


My customer wanted milia on her Luciano. I had never done it before but I had some RebornFX 3D medium that I had bought for painted hair and I just can’t paint hair yet so I read that you could use it for milia. It came out pretty good.