I’ve never done this little one before, but got a custom order for her…I thought she was really cute! Hope you do too! And thanks to Carolyn for awesome hair! My customer wanted her baby’s hair to be a little thicker and curlier…I hope I achieved that! And I had her dress custom made by Marci of Frilly Frillz (trixyy2k on the forum) and would HIGHLY recommend her! The dress is adorable!
Thanks for looking!

She is adorable. New mommy will love her!

wow i love her she looks great

She’s cute as a button! And she looks so cute in her dress.


That make me feel soooooooo good that you and your customer like the dress set. I most certainly appreicate the post. Love your Tayla she is just adorable, her hair is done great just right !

Hugs 'n Stuff
Frilly Frillz

Beautiful Baby, Very nice job!

Your baby is just adorable!! I am just learning how to root the hair can you give me any advice on how to?? Your baby’s hair is so good and I am thinking it is just going to be impossible for me to get this look on my own…

Very nice job indeed!

She is beautiful.

 Hugs Tina

LOVE!!!your lip color.What do you use?

Hi, I just seen the Tayla you had painted. She is beautiful!! I also love the lip color can you share what you used to achieve it? I love these forums everyone is soooo helpful! Thank you in advance!