Tara is finished


Finally finished Tara!! I think she is adorable! I will be sad to see her go! But she is going to a very sweet lady! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me along!


She looks great!!! I really like her hair!!! I like her color too great job!!!


Thank you Danielle!!


She is pretty! Great job.


Thank you RobinCarrol!!


Wow!!! She is so beautiful!! Great job on her hair. I can’t wait until I’m as good as all of you on here.


Thank you KYMG45!! I’m new to this too! Still learning!


What a darling little girl !!



Love the hair. She’s so cute with the longer hair. I like your eye color choice, too.


Thank you Judy and Kim!!


Love her hair! Bet that took forever to root!


Thank you Katy!! It seemed like an eternity. Lol That is a very cute baby you have in your signature!


Thank you! Lol.

Looks like it would take an eternity, but looks great!


She is absolutely beautiful. I love her hair and coloring! One of my neighbors wants me to make an AA doll for her and she likes that sculpt. I’ll have to show her your photos with the longer hair. It totally changes the look. Where did you get the mohair?


DJJessie, the hair is real hair. I wanted to see if I could root with real hair “successfully” this time, and I did. I bought hair from Cher and it kind of looks the same. But I tried real hair this time. You can pm Cher to buy mohair from her. My next baby will have Cher hair.


I totally love her hair!


She is very cute…


She is precious! Her skin tone and blue eyes are a perfect match with the curly locks. Very Very Cute!


Thank you Debora, Denise and Jamie!! Greatly appreciated! I hope I’m getting better!


You’ve done a great job, and i’m loving the hair on this little one! :0)