Sweet Pea my way


Needs clothes and a few adjustments, but here he is, hope you like him. Please excuse my horrible lighting


Aw he is so sweet!!! I love that hair


Thank you, Katie !!!


He turned out good. It is so hard to get dark tones like this.
Those toes sticking out made me giggle.


He looks great.:heart_eyes: He reminds me of a little Indian boy we had at the daycare.


Omg he is sooo beautiful :heart_eyes::grin: I love his skintone, his beautiful soft hair, just everything! Great work :clap:t3:




You did a great job on Sweetpea!! I love the darker skin tones on him.


Perfectly gorgeous :ok_hand:


Beautiful skin tone


I think this is one of the best Sweet Peas that I have ever seen! Great job! Love the skin tone!


Thank you so much !!!