Sweet little uh-oh


Meet Starling. She’s an uh-oh baby. I was painting her as a Caucasian baby. But my oven temp was off, so she ended up muddled. So I set her aside to strip. A month or so later, after it became obvious that I was always going to be too lazy to strip her, I decided to just keep painting. So, I kept adding more and more primary layers. Then a couple of flesh 02 layers. Finally, I liked what I saw. Sometimes you have to give up your own version and just let the kit tell you what it wants. :woman_shrugging:t2:


So sweet!


Love her! What a happy little accident :heart:


It did turn out sweet.


Such a pretty little surprise!


shes adorable!


She’s really cute. I love her little sleeper :slight_smile:
I did the photo shoot of my Dominic…I should have used my daughters elephant. I have used in in my photo shoots before but I keep forgetting it when Im taking pics of my new babies.


Wow! Can’t believe that skin tone happened by accident! She’s a beauty!


She turned out to be amazing! :heart_eyes: I’ll wait for my happy accident like that!


Thank y’all! I wouldn’t even know how to duplicate it. But maybe I can get close again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She’s delicious and I love her story. What a happy accident!




[quote=“Katinafleming, post:1, topic:76349”]
A month or so later, after it became obvious that I was always going to be too lazy to strip her


Best uhoh ever!


She’s so perfect. I agree that sometimes these babies have minds of their own. LOL


I’m glad you didn’t strip her - she’s lovely!


Congrats on her adoption! She’s so gorgeous, I’m not surprised she got snatched up so quickly!


Thank you. A previous customer adopted her. I think this is the 4th one of mine that she has, maybe the 5th. Technically the baby is just on layaway, in which I usually just change the status to reserved. But I know this lady will pay. So I went ahead and changed her to adopted.


Congratulations! :heart_eyes: