Swap Baby Pics Neise's Nursery

Trying to post pics. I hope this works…

http://s288.photobucket.com/albums/ll17 … ap%20baby/

Denise you did a beautiful job!!!

Denise, she turned out beautiful. Great work.

Denise, your babies are always so beautiful and this one is absolutely gorgeous! WOW! Hope my swap baby turns out to be this pretty. I’m with Rose…can’t wait!

Rose, that little Ella is gorgeous and the dress is stunning!!

What a pretty Shyann!!! And OMG!!! Rose I LOVE YOUR ELLA!!! She is one of my faves…and yours is TDF!!!

Barb, are you the one that has alot of Tasha’s sculpts?

Shes a sweetheart Im so happy for you!

— Begin quote from “lamafer1101”

Beautiful AA/Ethnic Shyann, you did a fantastic job on her and that green eyes Mmmmm I love it.

— End quote

Yes I love that combo!

You are soo lucky to have received such a beautiful little girl that must be soo nice to open the box and see such a beautiful little face. What a wonderful gift!

LOL. Kim, yup, thar’s me!!!I have five Edenholm keepers…I just love 'em!!!
Hugs, Barb