Swap Baby Arrived!

I got my swap baby today and it’s a beautiful baby boy! Thank you so much gramajudyb! This is my very first baby boy and I love him and he’s just perfect! I especially love the hand crocheted outfit and blanket. Here are some pics of my new little guy.

How cute!

He is adorable. You are a lucky mommy!

i am in love!!!

He’s adorable! Congratulations!

So cute! I love that outfit too

Awwww he is so darling, Gerry!! You are right, his outfit is precious! Congratulations on getting such a sweet baby!!

Oh, you must be over the moon! What an adorable baby!

He is stunning. You must be over the moon.

gramajudyb, I’d love to know the pattern you used (if any) for that knit outfit, it’s gorgeous!!

What a sweetheart! Definitely a little cutie pie. His outfits are so cute!

I am so happy that you like your baby boy. I have been holding my breath and hoping you would. I must admit, I fell in love with him myself and it was hard sending him off. He sat in an infant seat in my livingroom for nearly a week before I could box him up.

Punkcat, I seldom use patterns for my knitting and crochet projects. This little outfit was inspired by one that I saw on another forum. I just made it up as I went(with lots of ripping out and starting over). There is a little hat that matches too.

Oh you got a really nice swap baby !

Yes, Judy…I had taken his little cap off so I could see his sweet little head. I wanted to post pictures of the box opening like some of the others did; that was so much fun, but I couldn’t wait! I opened his box as soon as I got back to the car from the post office! LOL I rushed home so we could get some pics before it got dark. He sat in my lap last night as we watched television and he’s now sleeping peacefully beside his sisters in the nursery. This is my first little boy keeper, and I love him and appreciate your labor of love! Thanks sooooooooo much! Hugs, Gerry

I know it’s not nice to covet…but neighbor I am coveting your baby!! lol

He’s adorable…can’t wait to get mine…I know he/she will be ever so cute too. You must be very pleased…Congratulations! (and to the artist too!)