~SURI~ as Native American

I love this sculpt and think he makes a good Native American!
His name: Shaconohey means “Land of Blue Smoke”, what the Cherokees call the Smokey Mountains area of our state of Tennessee. Hope you like him! He has dyed ALPACA hair, very baby fine and silky.

Yes, it does make a great Native American baby. Love his outfit - he looks very natural.

Great job.


Wow! I love this baby.


I love that little ones outfit! Beautiful!! Love the props in the photos too…

Thanks so much girls, glad you like him. The props were actually a “Fall Scape,” I do every year in my front yard to set Pumpkins and Gourds on a bale of hay or straw. I didn’t do it just for this picture…around the neighborhoods we do our yards like this, in seasonal colors. I just took my pumpkins off and laid Suri on there for pictures and they turned out like this. I have to say I did have some cars going by slow down to see just what that was I was doing!!!