Superglue Update and Opinions Needed


After hours of meticulously scratching off superglue one tiny fleck at a time, this is what I have.

The light spot is where most of the glue was, but there is also a shiny streak of glue going down the neck. That streak is such a thin layer that I can’t get it off. I could try matte varnish to help with the shine.

What would you do? I only have GHSP, so I’m worried about painting the spot and baking because I’ll also be baking the remaining glue and the air-dry matte varnish.

Do you think anyone might want her as-is?

I usually sell my rooted babies for $300-350. I had planned on listing Aspen and Leif together with coordinating pink/blue outfits, onesies, Honeybug preemie pacis and holders, milk bottles, lovies, and plush blankets.

What if I listed both for $350 (Aspen would essentially be free to whoever buys Leif) and was sure to show her boo-boo in pictures and describe it in words. Do you think anyone would be interested?


If you added more mottle layers and blushing how much do you think it would show? Babies have fluctuation in skin tones and if the picture is accurate it may be fixable.




Yes can u make it into a stork bite or add more blushing ? I m sure someone would be interested as a combo set - hate that happened :frowning:


Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad from where I’m sitting. I think adding a little bit more mottle on that spot would help and no one would know the difference.

I’m so sorry this happened but it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

DON’T give her away ~ she’ll be fine!


Thank you all for the advice. I guess I’m going to see what I can do with paint tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about baking the bit of superglue that remains, but I’m looking at it like this: it’s already messed up, maybe I can make it better. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.


The other ladies have already given great advice. I, too, would add some mottling and blushing in that area. I use SuperGlue on the flanges so they turn easily. I have baked parts that had already been brushed with the glue and didn’t have a problem. If you have a heat gun, you could use it instead of oven baking so that you could monitor that area. I don’t think it will be a problem, though.


This makes me feel more confident to try, knowing that someone else has baked superglue and nothing terrible happened. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Maybe try a number of layers to darken it up, and turn it into a birthmark like such?PAY-Molly-Martinson


I agree with birthmark!