Super short mohair


So, how do you get super short mohair to lay flat?
Like those little baby hairs at the nape of the neck and around the forehead or ears? It lays flat if I wet it and brush it with a tooth brush… But once dry if I touch it much it sticks out some (it is directionally rooted as flat as possible while still poking all the way through).
Maybe conditioer? I think human hair lays a little closer cuz the scalp is somewhat oily.


You have to root it with your needle so flat that it is just above the babies head. The coarser the mohair, the more it will want to stand up. Sometimes conditioner and oven drying will style already rooted hair with this problem, but eventually it will try to stand up again.


I can root so directionally that it doesn’t poke out the other end at all … I’m just afraid of it falling out due to not being able to be sealed. Is that a problem? Is there a way to seal it?


Your hair really needs to go THRU the vinyl so it can be glued on the inside, or it will fall out eventually.


For me I get the vinyl head nice and warm and I root the hair in at an angle (directionally) so that it aims in the direction I want it to lay. I sealed mine with modge podge and I also used gem tac once but i like the modge podge much better because it drys much faster.


I bought some clear hair get to try.


Does Modge Podge hold up when you wash the reborns hair? Thanks for the info. It would be nice to have it dry faster!


I have heard it does. I have really not tried it but I heard it works great.


What I meant is that I think a lot of people use Modge Podge matte or gloss to seal the hair. It looks like it coats nicely from my experience. When I wet hair it gives me no problems at all. It dries fairly fast, Usually in about a day the hair can be coated a second time.

I also bought something called Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, that stuff is great and dries in like 2 -3 hours but it is better for tears and repairing tears in thick vinyl. I am going to test it on lips, nose holds, nails, and tears because of the fast dry time because I am using resin right now and this Dimensional Magic is so nice and dries fast.