Super proud of myself :)


I just rooted an entire head… Using just one BENT 42g needle!
It is the only one left (I ordered the wrong size).
It’s such a rush like…like jumping off a cliff into a oasis, or sky diving!!


LOL!!! Good job!! I would have broken it for sure!


I was praying to god not to let the needle break the whole time lol!!!

Rooting on the edge baby!!!


Wow congrats, it seems I either root more than one head with a needle or I break several on one head.


I’d have been sick with stress the whole time. Congratulations on sticking it out! Now order the right needles before the next head!


Well done! I remember when I first started rooting - I’ve been breaking a needle a day Then I used a broken needle for one of the heads, it rooted a whole bunch of hairs at a time LOL Looked terrible, luckilly, I was smart enough never to share that doll


Thankfully I think this head looks pretty dang good. The baby is sold and on layaway and I had extra hair from my previous PG head, so I offered to root her baby at no extra charge.


Love it!


That is funny. Knowing my luck the needle would have snapped.


Nice work, Katy! Now, about that “sparse rooting tutorial…”


Looks great and with a bent needle… Funny…


Awesome, Katy!!! You did a fantastic job on that HAIR…WOW!!! “Rooting on the edge” ~ love it!

Now…where can we buy those bent needles you speak of??? I think I need some!


She looks great Katy… I think you have “sparse rooting” nailed…


AND you did a beautiful job her shes precious.huggs Rose


Whoa!~ she looks amazing!~


You did an awesome job! I’m rooting right now, and am shocked that i have not broke the needle :0)


Thats awesome!! I remember days of 15 needles per head yes that was me


I can go thru 12 needles in one night! LOL Or, root for a day or two and not break one. I don’t really understand the problem. Heck I can break them just trying to reposition myself in my chair and accidentally hitting the needle on the chair arm! I just buy them in bulk! LOL
Very nice job Katy! Really nice job!