Sugargliderus hair/ having trouble

Hi ladies. I am a newer rooter, currently working on my 4th head, currently using Sugargliderus hair. I have some questions. This is my first experience with this hair and I am having difficulties with it. I love the hair and I don’t mean to sound like I am talking bad about it, so----I am finding it is rather stiff while I am rooting it. It bends instead of breaking and leaving a little tail. So when you pull out the extra piece it takes out the whole hair, I know that is not all that uncommon so I can overlook that. It has lots of stiff thick black hairs that root wildly and must be removed, get that too. I find it hard to catch with my needle, it is rather stiff but feels nice when it is rooted. I am poking so many holes to try to catch a hair, using a 43g single barb. ( Usually have no problems getting hair to catch and root). Does any of this make sense to anyone? Is there just a learning curve with it? If you have any advice I would sure appreciate it. The hair is suppose to be yearling fairly straight with a little wave in it. ADVICE PLEASE.

I am rooting a Sweet Pea Asleep-----could it be the vinyl?

The only time I have any luck with the single barb needles is when the vinyl is very soft. On the BB kits it will catch the hair, but will not push it all the way through the vinyl to the inside of the head. So on those kits I use the 42g crown needles.

Wow, maybe I should try that. Thanks

I use a 43g single barb needle with Carolyn’s mohair and it always roots beautifully. I do think the straight/slightly wavy is a bit coarser than the wavy hair that she has available, but I have never had any trouble getting it rooted. I root so close to the end of the hair that I rarely end up with a “tail”. Hope you get it to work out!

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Pia, I think that could be the problem. Next time I am going to order the wavy hair. She gets such wonderful reviews from everyone that I don’t want to give up on this hair. Thanks,

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