Sugar Plum Aka Maggie Mae


Here she is!! I need honest feedback please. I also need help on how I should cut her hair pleeeaaassse!


She is adorable. I love her poses in the pictures.


Thanks! Think the beauty mark looks ok?
The vinyl had a flaw on it so I made use of it. Lol


Very cute I would leave the hair the way it is


I agree on not cutting the hair! She looks adorable as is.


I like it long too. I rooted her thicker then I wanted too but the person who custom ordered her wanted her to have full head of hair. But then the customer backed even before I had her done. Guess she found a cheaper artist.


Your Sugar is darling… I think the hair is about righ the way it is an the “beauty mark” looks real… I am going to try one of those soon… I can’t believe your customer backed out… did you have a deposit or anything? By the way, I really like the siggy picture you have now…


Thank you! No she had bought two other babies from me. She admited that my early babies were really nice compared to her others she had bought in her baby shopping spree. She said her husband was irritated on how many she had bought in short amount of time.
I guess I just trusted her promise she wouldn’t back out I gave 6 weeks to pay and after 4 weeks she backed out without even seeing her. She said she didn’t have the money but I could see by her daily increases of feedback that she went back to impulse cheap baby buying.
Ah well, I loved making her and I won’t shed a tear if I don’t sell her. I’m not gonna sell this one for cheap. She weights 7 pounds and I used a non standard body, so she’s really, really lifelike and cuddly. I took a bunch pics in direct sun and she still looks real. I’m tempted to use her for senior centers and take her out in public to get local people hooked on reborns.
Wish she had full arms however.

Rating her… 1 being very armature and 10 being wowowow!
What would you rate her at?


Very cute, good job


Thank you