Sugar, my christmas angel

I wanted to share my little christmas angel, Sugar.

She’s stunning! The more sugars & honeys I see the more I fall in love with them. Great job!

Thanks, I appreciate that!

She is so sweet!

I love your Sugar! I think that is one of my favorite sculpts! You did a great job!

She is SO precious…love the Santa outfit!

Thanks so much ladies. Your feed back means a lot to me.

Thank you Mimi. This is the first blonde I’ve done and the hair was so hard for me to see. I couldn’t tell if I had too many hairs in one plug or not. If I put it under a light it made it ever harder to see. I’m glad you like her.

O wow she ia adorable!! I love her hair!! I am so hoping to be able to root as good as all you ladies do…

Hi Natalie, She is absolutely stunning. I love her little outfit. Is she a keeper?

HUgs Tina

Tina you’re back!!! I’m so glad. Did you get your computer fixed? I’m glad you like my Sugar. Thanks.

Aww, she’s adorable! I’m loving her blonde hair. You did a great job on her!

oh she soooooo cute