Sue Sue

Anyone have her done to show off? I’m getting ready to start mine . I’m thinking a pretty blue eyes and blonde hair for my version maybe?

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One was just adopted on reborns. I was looking because I have her to do and this one is a blue eyed little girl.

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Thanks I will check it out

I soooo want this kit! She looks adorable! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s take on her

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I’m thinking mine will be blonde and blue eyes😉maybe lol

I think this kit would make an adorable native baby! Deep deep brown eyes,dark hair💖


I wish I had two kits so I could do both. She is already sold out.

I’m just wondering what body size for Sue Sue ? She is 22” and bodies only 21or 23.

BB sells 22" body

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Thanks. I haven’t got those kind before. I don’t thing I would like them.

Does anyone know if there is a wrap around belly plate or torso fir Sue Sue?