Submitting Contest Photos


I was just wondering if we are suppose to receive a confirmation email once we have submitted pics for the photo contest just to let us know that BB received them.


I got one ,
But I sent mine to sales@bountifulbaby
Instead of the adress that was sapose to be used for the contest by mistake !
So they said thanks for entering please use the contest addy next time lol


Thanks for letting me know. I used the contest email address. I sent my pics last night, but I still haven’t received a confirmation. I didn’t for the last contest either, but others said they did for the Anna contest.


I never got a response from the Fairy contest Maggie…I just hoped they arrived. I don’t think anyone got a confirmation from that contest. Maybe they are not doing confirmations anymore.


Thanks, Cindy. Do either of you know if we were suppose to attach the photos to the email or paste them within the email using Photobucket? Some of us are having issues with Photobucket right now. I tried uploading mine to Photobucket using different browsers, but the site is not letting me do it.


I haven’t entered this last one but for my elf I just used the SEND EMAIL link on Photobucket in the Share This Image box for each picture I sent. I worked great! But it was a good PhotoBucket day that day!


I go an email reply back from BB. They said to*** attach*** photos using the contest email addy and not to use Photobucket. Hope that helps!!