Styles of painting

As we all know, each artist has their own style of painting, however my question is, when scrolling through babies you’ll see them varying from pale,high color,deep colors etc.
How do they vary so much? I understand the layers,colors used can always vary, but those who make deep high color babies. How?? Lol
Like those who can do very newborn looking babies, or very pale babies and still look real?
Just pondering


I think the secret is in the undertones and mottling. It can vary a lot.


I also think washes play a big part.


I also think it is in color pops. You can suggest a lot about the tone of an area with just a small pop of color in the creases or by putting two complimentary colors beside each other which sets one or both of them off.

It’s like when you try to paint a white object - so little of your object is actually pure white. Rather white is suggested in the highlights. Babies are the same way. That warm skintone is actually the interplay of many many colors.


Apart from what everyone else has already said, I think the photography has a lot to do with it. Things like pose, camera quality and lighting can make a huge difference, not only in how a doll actually looks, but in how we perceive it looks.


It is many many layers. I noticed when I was just starting I was afraid to use too much of certain colors and ruining the doll. Then as I became more confident I began experimenting with the paints. I learned things that worked and did not work. I also think when you look at this a hobby. Something you do just for the enjoyment of it it allows you more freedom to try different techniques without the worry of whether you will be able to sell it.


I think that the style comes with experience. We all start out kind of making the same baby in a sense. If you look at first babies, they are all mostly lighter colored with pale hands and feet, and a faint blushing. With experience, most artists will lean one way- they will put all their time into learning the techniques that create their perfect baby, whether that be awesome rooting, hair painting, very blushed newborn babies, etc. If you have 2 or 3 features that you love, and learn them fiercely, you will have a uniquely styled baby.


Beautiful explanation and very accurate!


So true. I am a high color painter, but it took me several dolls to get there. I don’t think I really arrived at what I consider “my style” until I painted Wendy and she was around my 25th doll. I feel like I was developing that style through several increasingly colorful babies and could only see my style growing in hindsight. I look at the dolls as a canvas rather than a baby to sell. I love looking at things and seeing a subtle rainbow, so I decided to put that in my dolls. If I can’t pick out at least one hint of every color of the rainbow, then I don’t feel done. I sell my babies as a means to make more babies. If none of them sold, then I would probably end up giving them away and probably only making them if I got a kit for my birthday or Christmas.

One thing that helps is that I keep a sketchbook in which I record a color swatch of every layer that I paint. In this way, if I want to recreate an effect or a certain skintone, I stand a much better chance of doing that. I also occasionally do a WIP thread or blog post as a means of visually recording each layer for my own reference. The problem is, lighting, time of day, camera position, all of that factors into my visual logs, so I am not always successful at recreating looks. Another thing that helps is that I buy dolls from other artists that I like something about their painting style. I want to learn painted hair, so I bought my first painted hair reborn (I fell in love with him to boot) to make sure that this is something I want to put my time into learning. I would love to own a Bianca Franke or a Silvia Creations baby to study one day, but I am not sure that I could ever pay that kind of money :confused:


Your painting style develops as your confidence in what you are doing increases. Real artists have to play with color and learn how to use it, and it can and does take a while. I hate it when people ask what color to use to do something…I always want to tell them to just pick up a brush and try some colors and see what looks right to them. This isn’t a paint by number sport! Some people get it and some never do. Not sure how some have the ability to see colors where others don’t but it happens a lot. And not all really good babies are high color ones. I prefer using lots of color, but other people don’t and their babies are gorgeous. Our world would be a boring place if we all did the same exact thing. Work on being a better you in everything you do and you’ll find the path you’re meant to be on!


Everyone’s style of painting turns out unique and develops with the process - which is why, when I used to do customs, I specified that I paint in my own style and not based on another artists style. So, if they wanted a baby painted like another artist I would, politely suggest, that they contact that artist for a custom quote.

My style developed based on the babies in my life - which have been greatly mottled and medium skinned. Then my niece had a red-headed, pale skinned little baby and I was studying her like a whole new specimen! She had lots of mottling on her arms, legs, belly and back. Her hands and feet - very mottled but none on her head/face. Her veins were very visible and so tiny. All her mottling was varying shades of pink - no purples or reds (which are always my go-to mottles). Her undertones were green, not blue. I’m making Zuri, eventually, in her likeness and it will be a challenge; changing up my style to make such a light-skinned reborn.


Well said ! I don’t even remember what colors I use on this baby or this one.


Lots and lots of trial and error! It’s harder for me to create pale babies. I feel more comfortable making ethnic babies. Here’s my very first baby and my latest. I think photography plays a very important role as well. I’ve seen some prototypes in person that I wasn’t very impressed with in person :woman_shrugging:t3: