Stuck on fingertips


Anybody have any advice for getting paint to stick to the fingertips of kits? I’ve been working on Frankie for over a year, he’s AMOST DONE but the underside of the tips of his fingers won’t take paint at all. I’ve tried varnishing them a few times and it’s still not working, and even colori them with prismacolors but it doesn’t look right.

I just want to finish him so I can finally sell him and fix my car :weary:


He’s darling! :blue_heart:

I have the same problem with fingertips.

I always use a mix of matte and satin varnish on the finger tips and toes, bake, apply color, bake.
I’m careful not to get it on the nails.


I do similar to @kareninflorida but varnish the entire hand and foot, blush, and I put the hand with palm up & foot big toe up.


Just a thought…have you tried some powder (color) ?


Thank you! Lol it figures I just put in an order and I don’t have any satin varnish at the house.


What kind of powder…? Is it like a specific type? I only have GHSP right now but I have like artists chalk pastels, would that work?


You can use thinning medium or matte varnish


When I’ve had a problem with paint sticking to fingers and toes, I use my panpastels. There’s never an issue with them sticking, and they also go on more smoothly. I also use the panpastels when I have one of those kits with the little pinpricks in the fingers and toes that collect paint. They work well in those cases as well.


I JUST HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY FRANKIE KIT!!! This kit was my problem child - a custom order, and a kit I can’t stand - and the fingertips were the last straw. I ended up varnishing them twice, paint still wasn’t sticking super well - in the end, I left the fingertips paler than I wanted them, and blended the paleness into the hands.

Your Frankie is actually quite beautiful - it makes me rethink my position on this kit!


I agree that Panpastels will do the trick. You can also try using an air dry primer on them first. let dry 24 hours, then paint over it with your Genesis or powders and seal with your Genesis. Both the RebornFX primer and the Golden Fluid Matte Medium which can be used as a primer will work. I have also heat set both products with no ill effects.