Stripping a completed baby?


Hey guys, I made a baby a few months age, that I did with air dry paints, I’m not bonding with him, he’s the discontinued Jasper awake fairy reborn, I’m now using Genesis heat set paints, I’m wondering if I can strip him and repaint him? With genesis heat set paints, I did e 6000 glue for his hair, how do I get that out of his head?


Acrylics with varnish that has been completely cured is really difficult to remove but if you are set on doing it you need a toothbrush, acetone and lots of elbow grease. You can get the glue out with acetone as well…just make sure you use gloves, maybe a mask or sit next to an open window. Also you want to periodically wash the acetone off and certainly wash it with soap and hot water once you are finished.


DO NOT use acetone except as a last resort! It is damaging to the vinyl and not the best method. It does seep into the vinyl and can make it shiny. I only use it on stubborn spots after I have tried everything else.
Winsor and Newton Brush cleaner is a safe method to remove air dry paints. Goof Off will work as well but must be used in a well ventilated area and wear gloves. To remove the E6000 glue will be more difficult but being that it is a silicone glue it can be pryed off the vinyl. Pulling it off with a pair of forceps or needle nose plyers and it will pull the hair through the head with it. An easier thing would be to shave the whole head then apply Nair hair remover, let sit 10 mins then wash off with hot soapy water. You would have to re root the hair thicker to cover any dark follicles from previous hair.


I agree about acetone!! I use rubbing alcohol sometimes but Windsor and newton is wonderful!


I have removed long cured (like a couple of years) air dry paint with Windsor and Newton. I apply it to the vinyl with a paper towel, let it sit for a few minutes and it does come off. I just wipe it with paper towels. For creases, ears, etc. I apply with a Q-tip, let it sit and scrub with a toothbrush. An electric razor works best for shaving the head. A regular razor can easily nick the vinyl. You also can cut it very short with nail scissors. Once you get the paint and hair off, soak the inside of the head with boiling water to soften the glue. Then it should peel off, bringing any remaining hair with it.


Ive used acetone several times with no problems. It does evaporate in the same way alcohol does. I have never used W&N because I can only find it on Amazon and its in tiny bottles. I have heard others say that its not very effective so I don’t bother wasting my money on it. I can’t say if it works or not, apparently it does for some people.
Recently I stripped a baby that has been sitting for about 6 months and it took hours to get the paint off of him and that was with acetone and with one limb at a time…it is, however a strong chemical so you do need to be careful with it.

I personally don’t think I will ever strip another baby… its not worth it!


Thank you everyone, I used rubbing alcohol, it worked good, thanks for the help