Stripped one of my first

So while packing up my house ready to move into an adapted bungalow I have found a few of the kits I practiced on. As well as way too many kits :joy:. Anyway I stripped this beauty and have been working on her for 2 days and she is almost ready for hair and eyebrows. She has such a beautiful and peaceful face. I also love her legs and feet :heart:


Who is she?

Gorgeous!!! Gemma was one of the first reborns I owned, I still have her (made by another artist). I love her peaceful little face.

She is BB Gemma

Thank you. Yes I love how peaceful she looks. My daughter screamed 24/7 until she was a year old so seeing such a peaceful face on a baby girl is especially lovely for me.


Oh I forgot to say that these are phone pics under artificial lighting as it is night time in the UK.