Strange spots

I’m in desperate need of some help. I’ve been making reborns for years with no problem, but off and on for the last year I’ve been dealing with the areas that show up on my kits as I paint.

Sometimes I wash my kits before I start and sometimes I don’t. I always wipe them down with alcohol and varnish them with thinning medium before I start painting.

It seems to be some sort of dirt that is attracting the paint because I don’t see anything and then it gets darker as I work. If I stop and put varnish over the spot it will usually prevent it from getting darker, but not always.

For the most part, the spots aren’t as bad in person as they look in the photos, but sometimes they are and I have to sell the baby as a boo boo baby. :tired_face:

Mostly the spots seem to show up where the vinyl is laying against something. Sometimes they even seem to be textured like there is something there So I thought it might be the fabric in my oven. But I’ve tried several different fabrics. Nothing seems to matter.

I’ve even thrown out my sponges, varnish and some premixed jars of paints, and carefully washed my brushes.

I’m not sure what else to try. I can’t think of anything I’m doing differently than before these marks started showing up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m beginning to feel like I’m losing my mind! :flushed:

Where do you put them when cooling? Are they touching any other body parts in the oven?

I make sure they don’t touch each other in the oven. I either let them cool down completely in the oven, or I lay them on a white towel once they’ve cooled down a bit in the oven.

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t wipe the kits down with alcohol as it can react badly with the paint. Perhaps that could be causing the spots?

Maybe that could be it. I’ve never heard that and I’ve been doing it for years, but at this point, I’ll try anything. Lol

I wipe mine down with alcohol, but haven’t noticed this on my dolls.

I stand my limbs up on a drying rack. I don’t lay them on anything to cool

I’ve never wiped them down with alcohol myself, so just parroting what other people have said, haha. But it’s worth a shot, I suppose.

I could try that. I guess I was worried about them being so soft and warm so I didn’t want to have them leaning against the drying rack. It’s just the strangest thing because I never had this problem
for years and then all of a sudden I have it more than I don’t. There’s usually at least one spot on most babies I finish. Luckily I can usually hide them or they’re faint. But still. :frowning:

Sounds silly but washing your hands before you paint or touch your kits? If you wear gloves are you changing them between coats etc? Is there anything in the air that could settle on the vinyl in spots? Air fresheners cleaners, wax melts? Sometimes I have caught myself holding a brush in one hand while picking up parts and accidently hitting them with it etc

I do wear gloves but I don’t change them between every layer. Not always every day unless I’ve used varnish. That’s something to try.

I can’t think of any thing that could be settling on them. :woman_shrugging:

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I wipe my kits with alcohol and don’t have this problem. What do you line your oven with when baking? It does look a little like a towel imprint.

I was using white dish towels. For a while I thought maybe they got old and fibers were breaking off so I bought more. That didn’t fix it. So I thought maybe they were collecting some sort of residue so I started wiping down the inside of the oven between each use and changing the towels daily. Doesn’t seem to make a difference so switched to some white linen cloths that are basically smooth, but the areas are still showing up. That’s what I’m using now and those pictures are marks on the babies I’m working on now. :weary:

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Maybe from whatever you are using with the alcohol to wipe the parts down? I have the round cosmetic pads and they sort of shed.

I think if you varnish your kit and varnish will be thicker in those places, paint can stick to them unevenly.
As a new artist I tried many recommendations from this forum, one of the recommendation was to varnish the kit first (I use GHSP). I so dislike my results as paint, especially darker colors, as eyelid purple or blood red, accumulated into tiny-tiny dots, like I see in your pictures. Mine was evenly spreaded all over, not accumulated in spots. They might not be that visible with a naked eye, but I work with magnifying glass and those dots bothered me so much that I tossed that baby.

I use 90% alcohol as a prep step and never had problem with it.

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I use these. They aren’t my favorite, but they do seem to hold up okay. I can’t tell anything is coming off. I would be open to suggestions if anyone could recommend good cosmetic wedges. :blush:

I have wondered about that because it’s the biggest change I’ve made in my process. I’m when I was first making babies I didn’t use any varnish, but I started using it because from time to time there would be areas where the paint wouldn’t stick.

I use thinning medium and let it sit for for a while until it looks dry before I bake it.

Maybe I should try the next kit I work on without the thinning medium. Couldn’t hurt to try it. :blush:


I’ll be very interested to know if that was a reason for your problem.
Here is my process: wash the kit, wipe with an alcohol, first layer is flesh skin color…
I didn’t have any problems with BB or non-BB kits.

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Well I’ve wondered for a while if it might be the thinning medium because it seems to have a texture to it. I’ve tried putting it in as thin as I can and letting it dry first. I bake one side, cool, flip the parts and bake again and then start painting put I still get the spots. :roll_eyes:

I’m almost finished with the babies on my table. When I start the next ones, I think I’ll try it without the thinning medium first. I’ll be sure to let you know how they turn out. Fingers crossed. :blush:

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