Stores for reborns

I am wondering if any of you have tried using stores to put your
babies in. we have one in town for crafts and I would like to know
if they are successful. my dolls are mostly wigged. I think I am
burnt out. I have done so many faces that the excitement is gone.
my husband thinks I should just pack them away. I’m not good
with the pictures stuff so maybe that is the best solution. I sold
quite a few when I started but that was before the baking became
part of it. I think the painting on mine is good and seems to hold
up well. just oil paints with good thinner from the craft store. I think
there are others who have come to wonder what next.

I would love to have a little nook in a craft store to set up and put some babies in. But I have a big problem with them being unattended and “manhandled”, poked, touched and the like.
I know how it is when I do a doll show, I can be standing right there and someone will come up and poke at a baby, be rough with the hair, or pick one up by the arm to hold it-- even though I have a sign that says please ask for assistance, and this is by adults! I don’t want to imagine what would happen if there were no supervision. And children running wild… shudder
Then there is the cost of these nooks in the stores or indoor flea markets. If you don’t sell a baby or 2, you wind up losing money.

I had my babies consigned to a doll store for awhile and that worked okay. I think that an upscale craft store would probably get a bigger audience if you can make sure that it will be “safe”.

If you are feeling burnt out, just take a break. Pack away all of your stuff for a little while and come back when you start missing it.

You won’t be able to stay away forever, reborning is just too addicting.

Carmen, I was thinking of you this morning when I wrote my reply.
It sounds like you have a wonderful set-up that works so well for you!
It would be a dream for most of us to be able to do that like you do.

Can you show us some pictures of your little store? It has been a while since I’ve seen it.

Do you have people that dome back each weekend to see what you have new? Sounds like the networking with the public would be a lot of fun!

I agree Rose, if you are getting burnt-out, try and put things away for a while and take a break, maybe until after the holidays.

you have done an awesome job of having such a variety of doll and
baby things. I do agree that just having them out would be a concern
when you aren’t there; sounds like you are there and 2 days a week
is something different to do. do you work on your dolls then or just
visit? nice pictures! thanks for sharing. rosemarie PS I just
thought maybe I’ll pack mine up and you could lol…

Great set up, BUT I cannot devote my only free time to that set up! And to rent a “showcase” at one of those malls to keep the babies protected is expensive! I did a few shows and people sometimes have no regard for the hard work and care you took with the babies. They mess up the hair, pick them up without care, and a few times, boys or men acting like boys like to toss them in the air for the shock value of the other customers. I won’t leave mine unattended. Any shop would be like that, I’m afraid. I always think of being a kid and getting something I treasured, only to have it mistreated by my friends-- Like a bike, or sweater. Same thing.

I mostly sell on Ebay and don’t mind taking the pictures and posting the auction, etc. I actually quite enjoy that part of the process. But, I also sell jewelry in a Craft and Gift Shop here in my home town. I rent a booth there for a monthly fee. I have become friends with the lady who owns it and she put a locked glass cabinet in the store and lets me put my babies in there for no charge. I have sold three babies in the past three months I have had them in there, but probably got less $ than I would have on Ebay. I usually try to put the less expensive kits in the store. I price them between $75 and $150. They do draw alot of interest though and I think may generate more business for me through Ebay also. Nancy

You’re getting a good deal, Nancy!

I had reborns in my space in a crafty/antique store when I first started reborning. They were manhandled quite a bit but everything else was too. I sometimes had to look around the other nearby spaces for parts or missing items. I had to be there every Saturday to tidy up and I would always have to straighten their clothes and comb their hair. They were never really damaged though. I have thought about going back to that but it is a lot of work. I also sold vintage and antique baby stuff and toys now and then.

UGH!! I put my babies in a booth in a very “upscale” shop in a nearby cities historical downtown square. Never again! I went by there at least 2-3 times a week. It never failed that they had been harshly manhandled. I even had several big framed signs asking people to please ask an employee if they wanted to pick the babies up. I resorted to using thin wire to actually wire them to the crib rails. The last time I went in was awful! I felt like screaming! One babies head had been completely pulled off! Not an easy task…I secure them extremely well! Another had her leg pulled off! One had some brown, sticky stuff all over her…even in her hair…and it permenantly stained the vintage white day gown I had her dressed in! This place also had security cameras and *at least *2 employees always walking around. But what really ticked me off was on that last visit when I walked right out the back door with 2 of my babies, came back in and took the others. One employee, whom I had not seen before that day, never stopped to ask me who I was or why I was taking them!

I would really, really check out any place you want your babies!


I had taken 3 of my babies into a antique consignment shop to display them for a friends antique cradle and highchair. I left them there for 3 months and then brought them home since they were being handled. Just last week a lady stopped in there to buy them for her grand-daughters for Christmas and was very disappointed they were gone. She ended up coming to my house with 2 granddaughters and they each picked out a baby. She will be coming back again with the other granddaughter to buy another. I didn’t like them being handled and carried around while at the store, but it did get me a sale!

I have heard from many who have tried the stores. Unfortunately, not much going on here in Pittsburgh.
Carmen, your set up is great!