Storage/kits/black spots


Here is just a thought. Vinyl is oil based. Do you think that keeping them in sealed bags instead of letting them breathe could cause this problem? I have chosen to store my kits in a cardboard storage/file box. With the bags open. I have not had a problem so far. Doesn’t mean I won’t. But, I have wondered if plastic storage containers and sealed bags may hold in moisture and cause this. Just my thoughts.



I have kits that have been sitting on a shelf, not in a sealed bag and lo and behold there are similar looking black spots on them. The kit was FINE when it got to me, must have been something in the atmosphere that made the spots on the vinyl. I think if the kits are fine when you get them, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim on them after they have been stored at your house for a period of time??


I seem to remember reading about this problem a couple of years ago and a kit manufacturer said that the black marks are from the molds used to make the kits. They seem to spontaneously appear from nowhere, don’t they?


No, I haven’t bothered to try I have so much other stuff going on in the summer that I haven’t bothered to worry about it, but I suppose I should try now that it is getting to be “inside” weather I’ll let you know if I have any luck