Stoete's little Lulu

This is my little Lulu in the works. She needs to have her hair finished with the rooting and cut a bit. Also she needs eyelashes. What do you think needs to be done with her? I think she is a cutie.

she is gorgeous, love her,

Thanks, Sharon. She has been a nice baby to reborn.

so cute! I can’t wait to get mine and do her. You did a great job. Love her hair.

She’s adorable, Jean. I love her hair color.

Awww-I love her.

She’s adorable and with a little hair cut she will be even cuter!

aww she is precious.

   Hugs tina

I think she’s totally gorgeous. I love her beautiful hair.

Very cute…I have a list a mile long and a zillion kits here to do but I want one…

Love this baby! I hadn’t seen her before! She is adorable!

Very cute!