Still Waiting

Still waiting for Libby and Nod… When will they be out??

You can find that answer here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=38978


Nod just got released today!

— Begin quote from “mo1244”

Order page says that they aren’t in stock…did they sell out already???

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Yes… and, no.

There will be a follow up post soon, with more details. But we definitely have more. We just don’t know how many.

We should also have some “seconds” available at a reduced price.

More information to follow soon…

Bountiful Baby

The fact that there are seconds going to be available makes all of this 48 hours with BB bearable! lol

I was shopping on the website…had found a lot of things that were in as seconds or firsts…since I have been needing some limbs I was thrilled…saw that the monkey heads were also in…then I got REAL excited! Have been waiting seems like forever to finish the ones for my granddaughter that I promised. (gave her one, she wanted 2 more etc) any way…got them in my cart…then silly me…went back to buy eyes…added a pattern and then when my cart came up my monkey heads were gone! I was so ticked off! I hadn’t exited the site or anything and no more than 10 minutes had elapsed! I was so ticked I called! After numerous voicemail circles I got someone. Obviously she was quite young, very nice, very polite but basically…“this rarely happens” ! WEll…it happened to me! I got there first! I guess what you have to do if you find something is buy them all seperately and eat the shipping? That is the only way I was told you can be assured that what is in your cart will be able to be bought! If I were in the grocery and someone took my pie shells on the day before Thanksgiving I can assure you I would chase them down and make sure I got was originally MINE. AND the clerks at the store would see to it also if reported. BB is not a grocery store…but by george it does seem that there needs to be something to stop all that from happening! I could see if I had it in my cart and then signed off for awhile and went back…but I WAS THERE! lol…
And you want the real kicker here? I was so ticked I went ahead and bought the limb sets for the heads that I now no longer have! LOL
If I could be assured that I would get 2 monkey heads from the thirds stuff…the practice stuff…I would pay the 2nd price for the 3rds…oh well…all in all I love BB but brother this was an annoying moment!
I am so glad that they are a company that does value their people and sends them home…we have had jobs where forget it…blizzard? stay put…and stay here…so it’s nice that they have their priorities in line…just not my monkeys…but there is hope for Nod! LOL
Happy New Year!

Oh Lyndie that is so funny!

The box with the order arrived yesterday! Boy talk about FAST service! and, of course only the limbs were there but I was kind of hoping!
What was nice was that they included a 3 dollar gift certificate because they were able to fit everything in a flat rate box. That is the first time I have had that happen ever from them!
Really nice. BUT would still like to have my heads!!! LOL I am almost thinking of wishing that the paint won’t take on them…that would teach the person from stealing them away from me! But…of course the poor person doesn’t know that happened. All they know is that they got the heads! LOL
Oh well…now I have 2 sets of monkey limbs! lol
happy new year everyone!

when i saw this i was like what Nod came out already!!! I had been waiting for him, but then i saw that there were production problems, and its coming back so im happy! I cant wait to get a lil boy one, but if their is seconds i might get a lil girl also!
And i have had the same thing happen to me with the cart and my item being out of stock suddenly, but i understand they cant just “hold” the item in there forever so i just take it as not ment to be, and get something else. And yes BB are so good with shipping, only like 5-7days to get to me down here in Australia! Cant complain with that!