Still trying! Wip AA Jaycee

Hello everyone. This is my latest project Jaycee. She still needs eyelashes and I am still working on lips and ect. How does she look and what does she need? I dont know if this skintone is realistic. She was first too orange, then too tannish. Ive added more layers but dont want to create more issues. All tips appreciated. Thank you all.


She still looks a little too warm to me. I would shade her in a slightly darker color in these places.4EBF7DFC-31D5-48B5-B0AA-0F157A06DCA7
If you watch Kim’s Reborn With Me youtube series, she goes over all of the places you should shade.


Thank you I did some but I think I have to go darker with the shading mix.

It’s not easy, but you’ll get there. I think that the tutorial by Kate Charles is totally worth the $40. You can buy it several places. I got mine on

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I have that tutorial in pdf. I love the art of reborning but I am terrible at seeing colors. Im not color blind or anything, but I do wear brown n black tops and jeans so I wont look funny going to work lol.

she looks quite warm to me (a bit yellowish maybe)
i would try a light purple wash

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I will try that today I was trying for golden. Thank you I will post another pic

Love her, she looks fine to me :footprints::baby:

Thank you.

Looks great I do a purple/blue/brown mix for my dolls shading



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Thank you