Still love this tiny bub my Tabitha



I love her hair! I am so nervous to cut my hair shorter. Do you precut your Mohair before you root to get this length or do to cut it after?


I cut the hair after, I’m a terrible mohair waster hehe I wish I knew how to cut hair when my sons were little, I tried and they ended up with terrible cuts, but it’s actually easy.


So cute…hair is pretty


Cut your mohair first to avoid wasting it. I usually cut into thirds. Make sure to always keep the cut end pointing “UP” as you lay your pieces down. I write “cut end” at the top of a paper towel and lay my hair on that so I don’t get hair going both directions.


I do cut my hair before to a certain length but cut the hair after to style, and leave enough in case I want it a bit longer, depending on how it looks and how I want to style it, which I often don’t decide until I finish. I cut mine into quarter lengths in the case of Tink even shorter. My hair comes with a sticker “cut end” on it, I never remove all the hair from the tissue it comes in, and only take what I want from it that way it’s always the right way but you can tell by running your finger over it, it’s smoother one way