Still getting Salia ready


Working on my tiny Salia
The first outfit was created by our talented @Tessa the ivory one I made. The cherry one I ordered off Etsy but I did make the flower bonnet.


She so adorable! All the outfits are beautiful!!


She is so adorable! I love all of her outfits! How do you make those bonnets? They are so sweet too!


The outfits are precious! She is looking awesome!


I crocheted them, not from a pattern though. Then I decorated them to match. The ivory skirt was the easiest, it was a trim I bought at Hobby Lobby cut to fit around her waist hen just put snaps to close it. I put two snaps so it fits her with or without the tummy plate on.


The ivory set is gorgeous! You are so talented! Did you do closer on the back?


Love the ivory outfit! So gorgeous!


Here is one of the back. I used little antique buttons I had.


She is so adorable! Love smiley kits. I am putting blue paint on little Joseph awake - and he is still smiling no matter what!


Thank you, hang in there you will get him the blue you need him to be​:wink::grin:


Wow, I love her, you really outdid yourself with her and her cute little clothes!


That’s adorable!! Very talented :slight_smile:


Perfect in every way


Oh my! Gorgeous clothing for a gorgeous baby! Seeing her pictures lifts my spirits every time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Such a contagious happiness right​:grin::heart_eyes:!


I want this kit, and after seeing yours I’m dying for one. Can’t spend the money right now, hoping she’ll go on sale. (I can always hope. LOL)


Thank you! I hope she does go on sale for you! I also hope she sells okay. Never sold a micro preemie yet. Not sure how well they sell. I will find out😊


Mine is overpriced but I’m not budging on her. I put so much $ into her. Much more than any reborn so far. :slight_smile:


I agree with you! She was my first non Bountiful Baby purchase, plus the customized clothing. I will keep her til Christmas sales pic up if I need to, not like she takes up much room :joy:


lol that’s so true!! She can stay and not be in the way! :joy::rofl: