Sticky baby!

I have finished my first ethnic baby and the paint is so sticky. I use air dry paints and this is the first time this has happened. I let each layer dry at least 24 hours before applying a new layer of paint but it is still sticky. I’m wanting to root the hair but everytime I handle the doll I leave fingerprints on it. I haven’t sealed it yet so don’t know if that will help or not. Anyone have this happen to them? I also have 2 other dolls that I can scrape the paint off of them and its been almost 2 weeks since finishing them. They haven’t been sealed yet either. Whats up with these 3? They are all Val Shelton dolls so don’t know if its the vinyl or what. HELP please. Have a craft show December 5th that I was planning on using these for.

If they are NOT LDC air dry paints you can seal them with Genesis heat set Matte Varnish and that will take care of the stickiness. I had to do that with a baby I painted with Jo Sonjas paints once. The LDC paints will turn orange when exposed to heat though. As far as the paint scraping off, the sealer may not solve that problem. If the paint still scrapes off after being sealed, you are going to have to strip the whole doll, prime the vinyl with a sealer and then repaint it. Vinyl that won’t hold paint has to be primed first.

I had a BB doll , just the limbs get really sticky. first one to do that
and I used my regular routine. non bake. I used non acetone nail
polish remover and then waiting a coulple of weeks. it’s not sticky
now buy it is not taking the paint as well. I think the vinyle is not the
same . rosemarie

I am just heart sick!! I used the matte sealer and it was a mess. The container didn’t say to use thinner with it. It said to put on a thin layer which is what I did. I did it to the 3 Val Shelton dolls I’m having problems with. I got to reading some information that B&B sent with the paints and it said to use thinner and thin the matte sealer. Anyway I decided I’d probably ruined all three dolls so I took them to the kitchen sink and washed off the sealer. (it was still sticky) Two of the heads I have already rooted so I took a soft cloth and wiped the faces of those. The paint started to come off. I don’t know what I’m going to do. My craft show is Dec. 5th and I’m running out of time to mess with these dolls. I’m thinking I’m probably going to have to strip all 3 dolls and start over.

I went ahead and stripped all 3 dolls. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with them unless I did. I am such a perfectionist and I want them just right!! I make it so hard on myself but in the end I know I’ve done a good job! Thanks everyone for helping. I have learned so much from this forum!

Casey, the “sticky” may be the oils they use to mix the vinyl. Secrest kits were “sweating” for awhile there!! Wipe it clean, if you tried water on the inside be real sure to dry it out well or it will mildew. I know about it because I have a friend in the reborn business (selling stuff not reborning) and she told me about this. Sometimes it happens. Secrest addresssed and fixed the problem since ANd just recently started using a new vinyl that is supposed to be wonderful!!

Many of the companies can have this happen if the manufactuing company didn’t mix the vinyl properly! The other thing that can happen if the vinyl is not mixed well is that the vinyl crumbles and can have these tiny vinyl balls that break away on the inside of the vinyl.

OH! I just learned too!! Many of the AD dolls had the vinyl discolor. Apparently this is the result of the dolls crossing the border, the borders know AD uses sand in their dolls so they use Radiation on all the dolls and this has caused some of the vinyl on some dolls to discolor with time. I hope AD has addressed this problem as I have not heard anything.